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WARNING about handling on DST - loss of data in SMAspot output tables

Apr 11, 2014 at 4:12 PM
Edited Apr 12, 2014 at 12:32 AM
to all, this is a WARNING about DST and tests or modifications related to behaviour for DST

before executing the tests you should:
-either save all tables and values to a secure place
-either execute the tests/modif having the outputs written to seperate tables

i discovered that as a result of my test on the DST handling: (using SMAspot and SunnyExplorer (1-07)
the inverter has lost (cleared) a part of its history data

the data that is cleared is the part between DST and Date-Time for end of tests:
  • the day-values (part of the monthly file) - so day-values for end-march - first days of april are lost
  • the 5min-interval (daily-file) are lost - so no output for days end-march - early april
    the daily file for 05april is partial and include only the records after the end of the tests
i needed to recuperate the lost data via the back-ups
and to reconstruct the daily file for 05april via the spot table

note that due to the implementation of SMAspot, the final result is that
  • SMAspot DID ERASE the VALID records from the earlier created 'monthly' and 'daily' tables
  • this is an "unexpected" / "not wanted" behaviour
kr wim
Apr 12, 2014 at 12:36 PM
Dear all, this is additional information about the TWO key points:

-a- in the menu options for SunExplorer 1-07 (to be checked what the status is for 1-06-xx and earlier)
  the automatic time syncronisation between "inverter" and "SunnyExplorer" seems to act "ALWAYS ON"

  the "button" to inhibit this can not be modified (in 1-07)
-b- SunnyExplorer combines the earlier read daily tables form the inverter with the newly read daily info
  as such Sunny Explorer recuperated the earlier known (daily) information  and  creates an as complete as possible COMBINED table
-c- for the Monthly file SunnyExplorer (1-07) works different - no combination of old and new information
  BUT in this part of SE i did observe several malfunctions  since the new version of SE   -   need to check this for a previous version
-d- SunnyBeam (the simple desktop box)
  accumulates and merges all new data that is gathered from inverter with the data that was extracted earlier
  the resulting tables for daily and monthly are complete  (as far as feasible - in the daily file there are only "two" records missing)   
  the monthly files are complete
kr wim