SBFspot using with a SUNNY WEBBOX - Configuration

Jun 30, 2014 at 2:13 PM
We run a 29.6 kW PV System and I look for a nice and runnable system for a Raspberry.
The panels are performed in two SMA SUNNY TRIPOWER 15000TL. The inverters are connected to the SUNNY WEBBOX with SMA RS485 interface data module. The Webbox is connected to our network via a router and has the fixed IP address (and Port 80)

I installed the SBFspot on my RPi and get it to run, but I couldn't get a connection to the WEBBOX. In the smaspot.cfg I deleted the BT entry and put in the IP-Adress. After I compiled the app it runs, but with the following message:
pi@raspberrypi ~/smaspot/bin/Release $ ./SMAspot -v -u
SMAspot V2.4.5
Yet another tool to read power production of SMA solar inverters
(c) 2012-2014, SBF (
Compiled for Linux 32 bit
Commandline Args: -v -u
Reading config './SMAspot.cfg'
Mon Jun 30 13:40:13 2014: INFO: Starting...
sunrise: 05:27
sunset : 21:41
Connecting to Local Network...
SUSyID: 125 - SN: 858388903 (0x3329F9A7)
Inverter IP address: from SMAspot.cfg
ERROR: Connection to inverter failed!
Is the correct IP?
Please check IP_Address in SMAspot.cfg!
Mon Jun 30 13:40:18 2014: CRITICAL: Failed to initialize Speedwire connection.
How can I get the WEBBOX to run with SBFspot?


Jun 30, 2014 at 2:35 PM

It won't work. SBFspot does not support the SMA Webbox.

The SMA Webbox does create CSV files for the connected inverters.
You can retrieve these daily files using a simple FTP client.
There is also a FTP push functionality ( the Webbox can push its CSV/XML files to a Raspberry directory )

There is also a RPC functionnality to retrieve data at a faster pace.
Can be very incomplete / buggy depending on the inverter model
( is useless with HF inverters eg )

Jul 2, 2014 at 8:23 AM
Jul 2, 2014 at 9:18 AM
Tridgell is using RPC

*{"version": "1.0","proc": "GetPlantOverview","id": "1","format": "JSON"}

{"result":{"overview":[{"meta":"GriPwr","name":"Puissance","unit":"W","value":"0"},{"meta":"GriEgyTdy","name":"\u00C9nergie d\u00E9gag\u00E9e jour actuel","unit":"kWh","value":"29.911"},{"meta":"GriEgyTot","name":"Rendement total","unit":"kWh","value":"11383.82"},{"meta":"OpStt","name":"\u00C9tat","value":"Ok, Ok"},{"meta":"Msg","name":"Message","value":""}]},"format":"JSON","proc":"GetPlantOverview","version":"1.0","id":"1"}

*{"version": "1.0","proc": "GetDevices","id": "1","format": "JSON"}}

{"result":{"devices":[{"key":"0083:7e5e9f42","name":"SB 3000HF-30"},{"key":"0083:7e5eab34","name":"SB 2500HF-30"}],"totalDevicesReturned":2},"format":"JSON","proc":"GetDevices","version":"1.0","id":"1"}




* is the IP of my Webbox
Some data channels are not available (see GetProcessDataChannels result) : eg Uac, Iac.
SMA is aware... and they don't care.

It might different for a TL, or not :)

The richer set of inverter channels is from SBFspot.
The Webbox CSV files provide the same set minus some status fields, and minus inverter temperature.