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Explanation of database field?

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Jan 23 at 10:46 AM

first of all thanks a lot for this great tool!

I am using it since friday for my all news SMA inverter on a raspberry which logs the data in a MySQL database on a different machine. The only trouble I have: Is there an explanation for the various database fields somewhere available? I did not find anything here. Some of the fields I am able to guess, some not. Any help wo be appreciated! Thanks!
Jan 23 at 11:40 AM
I think most of the field names are self explanatory, no?
Where do you need more info? (There is no doc available yet)
Jan 23 at 1:17 PM
Hi, thanks for answering so qickly. I am not an electrician, so maybe for experts the field names are self explanatory. And my mother tongue is not english, which adds another layer of complexity on understanding the fields names. To be precise:
Table DayData:
TotalYield = Aggregated amount of energy produced since installation in W?
Power = ?

Table SpotData:
Pdc = ?
Idc = ?
Udc = ?
Pac = ?
Iac = ?
Uac = ?
EToday = Aggregated amount of energy produced today in W?
ETotal = Aggregated amount of energy produced since installation in W? (= same as DayData.TotalYield)

Thanks for helping!
Jan 23 at 4:17 PM
Just to answer myself:
Udc = Voltage DC side (solar panels)
Idc = Current DC side
Pdc = Power DC side
U/I/Pdc = same as above but AC side (after the inverter)

My guess about TotalYield, EToday and ETotal should be correct...
Jan 23 at 7:19 PM
Almost perfect ;-)

Power unit is W (Watt) and Energy (EToday, ETotal) is in Wh (Watt.Hour)