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Async events ?

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Mar 6 at 9:33 PM
I have a question that is more of the sma integration basics than SBFspot specific.
(in fact, it's not SBFspot related, please forgive me and let me know if I'm out of scope here :)

I have a systems background so to say, and I'd like to monitor my inverter with tools oriented to syslog like events. There are way too many tools that support that, analize, react, etc. And polling the inverter just to see if there are any news does not seem right.
My inverter if registered to SunnyPortal and it seems that it is sending events on top of SIP option messages. Is there a known way to tell the inverter to report to a given host (other than ? Is there info on this "protocol" available ?

Mar 7 at 2:03 PM
Is there a known way to tell the inverter to report to a given host (other than ?
AFAIK this should be possible with Sunny Explorer
Is there info on this "protocol" available ?
Not that I know, sorry
Mar 8 at 12:05 AM
I see no place in Sunny Explorer where the sma proxy is declared.
But at registration time I had to give the installer pwd to Sunny Portal (but no info on where my inverter was).
This leds me to believe that the proxy is fixed in the firmware. Further analysis of the SIP connection leds me to believe that the inverters "call home" when using webconnect by default. This "call" opens an automatic tunnel for Sunny Portal to call the inverter back (even through firewalls) and carry on sessions of SMA-DataV2 over SIP (or something along these lines). It now seems that the inverter may be not doing async notifications but just a keep alive, and the Portal does polling.

I'm more inclined to use Modbus, because it's cheap, and I see that the last event number is available, but I have found no way to enumerate past events.
May end up using a poller thread, that keeps the last event in context and triggers a SBFspot session to download latest events when a (set of) new events happens.
Mar 9 at 8:50 AM
There are data2+ commands available for proxy settings, however I don't know if they are Read/Write