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Connection to inverter failed!

Jul 23 at 4:14 PM
This is a solved issue, but I'm writing this for anyone else that experiences the same installation set up challenge.

I've newly installed an inverter and SBFSpot and getting things working.

The inverter is at on my local network. I'm using the Windows 10 version of SBFSpot with a SQLite db.
I edited the SBFspot.cfg file and hard-coded the IP address.

I can ping the inverter at the IP address above.
I can connect to the SBFSpot using Sunny Explorer software.
I've allowed SBFSpot through the Windows Firewall
But I couldn't get the command line ("C:\Program Files\SBFspot.3\SBFspot" -v -finq -nocsv) to connect. The error was: "ERROR: Connection to inverter failed!"

The problem turned out to be that I had Sunny Explorer open and connected to the same inverter. When I shut down Sunny Explorer there was no problem with SBFSpot connecting!
Hope this helps someone else getting started...