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Feature requests or enhancements

Feature description #Votes Requested by Status
mySQL/SQLite support for backlog upload to 16 SBF Done (V3.0)
Support for multiple inverter plant 7 Done (V2.1.0)
Read the events from the inverter 6 bernhard Done (V2.4.0)
Speedwire/Ethernet support 7 fibroin75; fvdpol Done (V2.2.10)
Support for volkszaehler 4 thoweiss
Multi function relay support 2 Dieter
Support for emoncms 2 tschi1983
Make SBFspot "self looping" with a timed delay loop 2 Ron
Send .csv files to dropbox 2 oilmover
Support for controlling OptiTrack Global Peak Vote here
Communicate to an electricity meter aka itron ace 300 lazarusheaven Rejected - Not in the scope of this project
Reading a smart meter via P1 port maikel.t... Rejected - Not in the scope of this project

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