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Upload Daemon Error



I have installed SBFspot and Upload Daemon on my RaspberryPi following the tutorial.
Everything worked fine for some days including uploading the data to PVoutput.

Now I find following error in the log: ERROR: Upgrade your database to version 1
I thried to reinstall SBFspot and Upload Daemon but the error keeps.
Data is collected from the inverter and written to the .csv files as expected.

Any suggestions to solve this problem?
Closed Jun 27 at 9:50 AM by SBF
SQLite is incompatible with CIFS


uwea wrote Jun 26 at 12:38 PM

Problem found:

I´ve installed the database on a cifs share and that isn´t allowed.

SBF wrote Jun 26 at 2:28 PM

Oh sorry, I must have overlooked this issue...
Thanks for the feedback