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SMAspot 2.4.4 - Logon failed. Check 'USER' Password

May 2, 2014 at 8:38 PM
I installed SMAspot v2.4.4 on my Raspberry Pi (Debian)

by running ./SMAspot -v i get the following result:

root@Himbi4:~/SMA/SMAspot244/bin/Release# ./SMAspot -v -finq
SMAspot V2.4.4
Yet another tool to read power production of SMA solar inverters
(c) 2012-2014, SBF (
Compiled for Linux 32 bit
Commandline Args: -v -finq
Reading config './SMAspot.cfg'
Fri May 2 21:31:08 2014: INFO: Starting...
sunrise: 05:53
sunset : 20:43
Connecting to 00:80:25:xx:xx:xx (1/10)
SUSyID: 125 - SN: 9562xxxxx (0x38FExxxx)
SMA netID=01
SUSyID: 78 - SN: 210011xxxx
BT Signal=81%
Fri May 2 21:31:10 2014: CRITICAL: Logon failed. Check 'USER' Password
Of course it is dark outside and nothing to do but I use -finq to test.

Thank You for help

May 2, 2014 at 8:57 PM

i used

./SMAspot -v -d -installer -password:1111

for the Command Line and everything ist OK.

Thank to SBF. That was the help I need.

Have a nice weekend