Do SMA inverters support multiple SpeedWire connections?

May 15, 2014 at 8:39 PM
Edited May 15, 2014 at 8:40 PM

Does anyone know if SMA inverters support multiple SpeedWire -connections, ie. can I connect to the same inverter from multiple systems, either multiple SMAspot -instances or Sunny Home Manager?

I currently don't have the inverter up and running, so I can't test myself...
May 19, 2014 at 3:37 PM
I see no reason why this shouldn't work, although there might be a limit in the number of master devices (SMAspot, Sunny Explorer, ...)
May 20, 2014 at 11:39 PM
dear kipe,

from my experience -> an inverter, my case is BlueTooth but I expect that this is valid for all types of comm's channel,

can handle up to two parallel active communications, -> where parallel means twice: logon -/- active-interaction -/- logoff-(or-close-comm's channel)
each active system acts as "master to slave" for the inverter
a third system will be refused (no-log-on or time-out or . . . )

!!! as mentioned by SBF EACH system that can access the inverter must be considered, and for each system you must look to its active period
example: a comm's channel activated by SunnyExplorer remains active till log-out (this can be several minutes)
example: SunnyHome Manager or SunnyBeam or . . . will occupy a connection during ??seconds

example: one-system-with-one-session-SMAspot plus another-system-with-one-session-SunnyExplorer works correct
!!! but since I do use as well a SunnyBeam the above example gets me to the restriction and reasonable risc that the-system-with-SMAspot needs a repeated try

example: a mix with one-system-with-SMAspot plus another system-with-also-SMAspot works correct (parallel SMAspot's has been solved time ago)

keep in mind that:
  • the access on the comm's channel or the connection from "one-system" can have restrictions
    example: from one system only one program at a time can get access to the sysyems-BlueTooth communication stack to interact to an inverter
    ??? whether this restriction to access the SpeedWire stack from multiple programs in one system does apply is ???
  • the SpeedWire-connection (bus) must be correct set-up (physical and logical)
    !!! the above mentioned "master-slave" between SMAspot and inverter is related to the "apllication-communication"
  • in case of MIS (MultipeInverterSystems) the comm's channel allocation (part of the relay function) might have other restrictions
kind regards wim