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Date and Time of the Inverter

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Oct 30, 2014 at 12:21 PM

Thanks for your reply today on whirlpool - replying here as you suggested so that others may get the benefit of the Q&A :-)

I originally asked how to set the time of the Inverter, as mine was set to 2008-01-08.

I eventually got this fixed by plugging in the bluetooth adapter to my Windows PC and using Sunny Explorer. The first time it connects, it sets the time according to my PC.

I'm not sure why SBFspot wasn't doing the same thing, even when I had SyncTime=1 set - perhaps it was because I logged in as the installer using Sunny Explorer (it prompted that the default installer password is 1111).

I've now set up my 5 minute interval cron job to log in as installer, just in case. Will see how everything goes tomorrow - hopefully can check up on my system from work, in near real time :-)

So now it's all fixed for me, the date and time is now correct and everything is uploading to pvoutput.

Thanks again for a fantastic piece of software!
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