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How can I change the upload frequency to 1 minute from 5?

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Mar 1, 2015 at 7:03 PM

I've been using SBFspot with my SunnyBoy 2500HF inverter for about 4 months and I think it's fantastic.

I'm running SBFspot on RaspberryPI and storing the data in a MySQL database hosted on my NAS. It's all working very well.

My CRON job is querying the inverter at 1 minute intervals, and I can see the records being added minute by minute to the MySQL database.

Uploaddaemon however only appears to upload data to PVoutput in 5 minute datapoints.
I'd like to be able to upload all of the readings captured every minute, and then get pvoutput to show the average of the 5 readings in the average column.

Here's a snip from the SBFspotUpload log.

[11:00:16] INFO: Uploading datapoint: 20150301,11:00,443758,924,,,25.30,247.79 => OK (200)
[11:05:01] INFO: Uploading datapoint: 20150301,11:05,443815,684,,,25.40,246.67 => OK (200)
[11:10:55] INFO: Uploading datapoint: 20150301,11:10,443939,1488,,,25.33,249.02 => OK (200)
[11:15:39] INFO: Uploading datapoint: 20150301,11:15,444051,1344,,,26.90,247.00 => OK (200)
[11:22:40] INFO: Uploading datapoint: 20150301,11:20,444117,792,,,26.30,247.36 => OK (200)
[11:26:15] INFO: Uploading datapoint: 20150301,11:25,444155,456,,,26.23,248.29 => OK (200)

Is there a config file I need to change, or am I doing something else wrong?

Thanks for your help!
Mar 1, 2015 at 9:59 PM
This is not possible. See PVOutput documentation (
The status interval determines up often a system updates its live status. Time data is rounded to the nearest interval set by the system.
So, data already uploaded for a certain interval will be overwritten by the data for the rounded (same) interval
e.g. for interval set at 5 minutes
Send -> Interval @ PVOutput
10:00 -> 10:00
10:01 -> 10:00
10:02 -> 10:00
10:03 -> 10:05
10:04 -> 10:05
10:05 -> 10:05

Moreover, by sending data every minute, you will hit the 60 requests per hour rate limit, as SBFspot uses the same api to get other data.