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SMA Sunny Boy 1.5 : Unknow inverter

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Jul 28, 2015 at 10:13 PM
Edited Aug 28, 2015 at 1:07 PM
I've recently downloaded this great project and installed it succesfully on my computer.
The quick reference document was very helpful and I've now a working SQL Lite database and the connection to my inverter is OK.
Unfortunatly I've got a recent one (SMA Sunny Boy 1.5) which seems not to be known.
I've got records in the Inverters table :
1930002676 SB1.5-1VL-40 676 UNKNOWN TYPE 02.03.01.R 1438116477 0 9.677 442.481 633.182 621.771 OK N/A 0.0

but nothing at all in other data tables.
I've launched the program in a batch file with a pause and have got this message :
Commandline Args: -v -finq
Reading config 'D:\Program Files (x86)\SBFspot.3\SBFspot.cfg'
Tue Jul 28 23:01:58 2015: INFO: Starting...
sunrise: 04:55
sunset : 17:09
Connecting to Local Network...
SUSyID: 125 - SN: xxxxxxxxxxxxx (xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Inverter IP address: from SBFspot.cfg
Logon OK
SetInverterTime() not executed! We're still testing...
Unknown Inverter Type. Report this issue at
m/list/basic with following info:
0x00002455 and Inverter Type=<Fill in the exact type> (e.g. SB1300TL-10)
SUSyID: 303 - SN: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Device Name:      SB1.5-1VL-40 676
Device Class:     Onduleur solaire
Device Type:      UNKNOWN TYPE
Software Version: 02.03.01.R
Serial number:    xxxxxxxxxxxxx
SUSyID: 303 - SN: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Device Status:      Ok
SUSyID: 303 - SN: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Device Temperature: 0.0°C
SUSyID: 303 - SN: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
GridRelay Status:      Aucune information
SUSyID: 303 - SN: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Pac max phase 1: 1500W
Pac max phase 2: 0W
Pac max phase 3: 0W
SUSyID: 303 - SN: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Energy Production:
        EToday: 9.677kWh
        ETotal: 442.481kWh
        Operation Time: 633.18h
        Feed-In Time  : 621.77h
SUSyID: 303 - SN: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
DC Spot Data:
        String 1 Pdc:   0.000kW - Udc:   0.00V - Idc:  0.000A
        String 2 Pdc:   0.000kW - Udc:   0.00V - Idc:  0.000A
SUSyID: 303 - SN: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
AC Spot Data:
        Phase 1 Pac :   0.000kW - Uac:   0.00V - Iac:  0.000A
        Phase 2 Pac :   0.000kW - Uac:   0.00V - Iac:  0.000A
        Phase 3 Pac :   0.000kW - Uac:   0.00V - Iac:  0.000A
        Total Pac   :   0.000kW
SUSyID: 303 - SN: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Grid Freq. : 0.00Hz
SUSyID: 303 - SN: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Current Inverter Time: 28/07/2015 23:01:55
Inverter Wake-Up Time: 28/07/2015 06:35:15
Inverter Sleep Time  : 28/07/2015 23:01:20
* ArchiveDayData() *
startTime = 55B6A9E0 -> 28/07/2015 00:00:00
recvfrom() returned an error: -1
ArchiveDayData returned an error: -1
* ArchiveMonthData() *
startTime = 5593C830 -> 01/07/2015 13:00:00
recvfrom() returned an error: -1
There is no data to export!
Reading events: 2015-Jul-01
recvfrom() returned an error: -1
ArchiveEventData(user) returned an error: -1
Tue Jul 28 23:01:59 2015: INFO: Done.
Could you please help me to go further !
Thank you by advance :)
Jul 28, 2015 at 10:45 PM
There is another user with exactly the same problem:
It seems to be inverter related. The "Unknown type" is not a problem.
What are the results with Sunny Explorer? Are the graphs visible?
Jul 28, 2015 at 10:57 PM
Edited Jul 28, 2015 at 11:01 PM
Thank you for this quick answer.
Yes, the data are visible with Sunny Explorer 1.07.23 which succesfully connect to thhe inverter (speedwire).
I've already exported csv files and generated JSunnyReport files (see

I'm also connected to SunnyPortal :
Jul 28, 2015 at 11:17 PM
Edited Jul 28, 2015 at 11:24 PM
dear pascal,

the problem that you report seems to be in treatment as issue C113,
have a look in the information for that issue,

today there is not yet a "complete" solution,

a first step that you can do,
-a- replace the tag list file for your version with the one included you find at issue C113
with the new file, you will "only" eleminate the error message "unknown" inverter type

second step:
I recommend you to complete the setup for your system
and make that sbfspot does run at regular intervals (each 5minutes)

according m.thijssen the problem is known to SMA
untill "SMA" will deliver a solution for the problem
you can today not yet extract the daily and monthly file directly via SBFspot

the work around is to use sunnyexplorer to export the daily, monthly and events files (see issue c113)

note-that: it might be that the solution delivered by SMA does not allow to recover
the daily and monthly files for the past days

if my interpretation of the info given by mthijssen and yourself is correct then
-c- sbfspot does deliver the spot information

in that case you can mimic the results by manipulating the spot table output
the (values in the) spot table (either via the .csv files or the database)
can be used to reconstruct the daily and monthly data tables,
the result is not perefect identical to the direct result but will allow you to handle today's information

kind regards wim
Jul 29, 2015 at 6:16 PM
Hi and thank you for the suggestions
When replacing de tag list file with the one given in issue C113, the app SBFspot.exe crashes :(
The inverter is still unkown and the end of the job show this :
No data!
ArchiveEventData(user) returned an error: -1
--------: 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
00000000: 53 4D 41 00 00 04 02 A0 00 00
00000010: 00 01 00 22 00 10 60 65 08 A0
00000020: FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 03 7D 00
00000030: D2 22 51 36 00 03 00 00 00 00
00000040: 17 80 0E 01 FD FF FF FF FF FF
00000050: 00 00 00 00
4294967295 Bytes sent to IP []
By the way, the tag file is for english and I'm actually using french one (TagListFR-FR.txt)

For the second part, what do you think by completing the setting of the system ?
I've already extracted csv files with Sunny Explorer (with export events checked). The inverter is on since middle of june and I was able to grab all the data.
I also have tried to extract them automatically with a command line but it doesn't work.

I'll now wait for SMA to give an answer to this problem.
Jul 29, 2015 at 10:04 PM
If it's possible with SE, it should be possible with SBFspot ;-)
I re-analyzed the log file provided by mtijssen and it looks like the communication buffer is too small. There were no problems with all other inverters, so maybe SMA did change something - just a guess
I'll try to create a fix for this asap - after the release of V3.1
For the taglist issue: V3.1 has the new ones for all languages - you can just copy them to your 3.0.8 installation
Jul 29, 2015 at 10:13 PM
dear pascal,

-a- about the adaptations for the tag file
the tag file "en-us" adapated by s.b.f. for the issue C113 contains a new line
these tags are decimal numbered - 0x0002455 -> 0d9305

when inserting the below line (cfr a.1) in the other languages tag files - in your case the french tag file
then your type of inverter should be recognized (when using another language as english)

the correct place is after the line with tag = 9295 AND before the line with tag = 9500

be aware: use a "text" editor and not "WORD" or other -> the resulting file must be a plain txt file
-a.1- between the quotes is the text for the new line -> "9301=SB 1.5\0\SB 1.5"
if in doubt look into the english version file

-b- about your question "why completing the set-up of the system??"
-b.1- completing the set-up of your system allows to check whether all parts of your system are ok
example - automated execution of sbfspot and its outputs
you are aware of the to-day limits (no output for daily / monthly / events)
the .csv tables by sunny explorer can be downloaded to the same place where SBFspot sghould wrtie them
(thus you can evaluate !all! sections of your targetted environment)

-b.2- "the main advantages of SBFspot are:
-b.2.1- each time that one executes SBFspot - the "spot-values are read from the inverter
examples of spot values are: -Idc; -Vdc; -Iac; -Vac; . . .
other tools like SunnyExplorer visualise these values without writing them to a table
-b.2.2- as far as feasible :-) within the scope of the "open-source-work" by luc
SBFspot allows to extract via "command-line" options the .csv tables that can be exported by sunny-explorer
these tables are: -daily; -monthly; -events-user; -events-installer

-b.3- SBFspot is limited - since it does not include interogation of: "dedicated" | "fixed" | "user defined" parameters
-b.4- SBFspot is limited - since it does not (yet) include the option to change these parameters

-b.5- by completing the setup of your installation you can extract and store the spot values (each time you execute SBFspot)
!!! there is no method to recuperate "historical" spot values from your inverter

-c- be aware about some restrictions of your inverter
-c.1- most SMA inverters do store a maximum of 62days of daily files
-c.2- the limit on storing "month files is not yet identified
-c.3- if the date-time is modified then the inverter might drop records from the tables
-c.4- if the firmware of the inverter is upgraded then records might be dropped or tables might be erased
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