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Upload of Consumption Data

Aug 18, 2015 at 4:31 PM

I'm trying to also upload the consumption data with SBFspot. By the way SBFspot is running with my SMA Inverter and bluetooth dongle since nearly 1 year without issues. Great !

Now my point:
I'm currently calculating my energy consumption with a USB-IR Reader from my meter. I have a little shell script to get the values and also a little python to put them in the sqlite SBFspot table in Consumption Table.

However unfortunately nothing is uploaded. Does it require a value in Every field ? I currently only read my meter value and not the current power usage in W.. so only the Wh. Thats why i only fill in EnergyUsed and set PowerUsed to 0. Of course also put in the timestamp.
Is there a special limit on how such a value should look like ?

Here is an example of some entries I put in Consumption table:
        TimeStamp   EnergyUsed  PowerUsed
        1439830393  28735547    0
        1439834671  28736209    0
        1439834841  28736243    0
        1439834897  28736254    0
        1439834913  28736257    0
        1439835085  28736289    0
        1439835377  28736347    0
        1439835773  28736426    0
        1439835789  28736430    0

Another issue i have thought about is the fact that the Consumption is possibly only uploaded when the SMA Inverter is active. So after sun goes down it will no longer upload, is that correct ?

Because view vwPvoData is doing a left join with vwAvgConsumption so there will be no records in vwPvoData if not values are in table DayData for that timestamp.

Of course i want to upload consumption also after sun went down and inverter is sleeping. Is this possible with SBFSpot or am I asking to much in that regard ?

Thanks for any answer ..

Cheers !
Aug 18, 2015 at 11:32 PM
dear axel,

be aware that: -there is another discussion about this subject, and there is issue C123
please refer to discussion: "PV Output consumption data"

the actual status for SBFspot and the PV-Output daemon is
  • upload of "consumption data" is not (yet) supported
read more below - - - kind regards wim

-a- about your question to upload consumption data to pvoutput
-a.1- as you will read in the "PV Output consumption data" discussion
there is (at least) one available workaround using PVCCupload - running on linux (windows support is stopped)
that workaround does merge the outputs from "sbfspot" with other-sources-information (currentcost, csv-tables, - - - )
whether your 'source-info' is supported by PVccupload ???
-a.2- to upload "other" data then "SMAinverters" by using the upload daemon ??
or contribute to the effort by: joe-penman
or have a look in the configuration file for the daemon !! and give it a trial (keep us posted !!!)
you need to handle at least three elements
--insert your consumption data in the database (or .csv files)
--indicate in the config for the upload daemon to upload that "replaced" field
--infom PVoutput about the meaning of that "field"

-b- about SBFspot and the SunSet<-->SunRise period
-b.1- SBFspot can only extract information from your inverter - if your inverter is not asleep
inverter with piggyback go asleep when there is no production
  • for BTconnections you will see the error-code 10060 in the log files
    most TL (TransformerLess) inverters have build in comms modules, they react 24/24 7/7
  • if needed you can apply the sbfspot option -finq (this inhibits the control by sbfspot on sunrise-sunset)
    -b.2- since SBFspot version3
  • "sbfspot" is the part in the system dedicated to "extract" information from SMAequipment
    and writing that information into database (and/or .csv files)
-c- about Upload-daemon and Sunset <--> Sunrise period
-c-1- the scheduling for "upload" daemon (that sends info to PVOutput) runs according the standard install procedure
see information in the installation guide

?? you're remark about vwPvoData and left join is not clear??