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Interpreting values

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Jan 26 at 5:40 PM
I am having difficulties interpreting the values in the database. Lets start with the total amount of energy produced per day. I thought this should be EToday. But even now as it is pitch dark the vaule for EToday rises. Then I thought I simply could add the Pdc1 values per day. This results in values which are not anywhere near EToday. And in the Sunny Portal from SMA the "Energy" value is totally different from EToday or the sum of Pdc1. Can someone shed some light???
Jan 27 at 8:15 AM
EToday is generated energy for today (in Wh) - When it's dark this value should NOT change (same for ETotal)
Pdc is DC actual power (in W) - The difference between Power in SpotData and DayData tables is: SpotData has the actual power at a certain moment and DayData has average power over 5 minutes.
You can't just add power values to get amount of energy as energy is power over a certain period of time
If your system generates 1000 Watts during 1h, it generates 1000Wh or 1kWh
Over 5 minutes this is 1000/12 = 83.33 Wh (12=60min/5min)
Since SpotData table contains actual power values for every 5 minutes (not avg during 5mins) you can't calculate generated energy.
Energy on Sunny Portal should be the same as EToday of SBFspot
Jan 27 at 8:59 AM
Thanks for your quick answer. I will give you real values so that you probably can understand my problem better. Values are from yesterday.

Last value EToday yesterday 4508.

Value "Energy" 4709.

So there is already a difference here. In addition, the value in the portal had already been reached with the onset of darkness, which is also logical for me. The value in the database was 2663 with the onset of darkness (when Pdc1 was 0 for the first time) and rose until 22:20 to the final value of 4508.

So I do not understand two things:
1) Why is there a difference between the value in the DB and the portal, not only in the final result, but also at the time of reaching this value?
2) How can it be possible that the value in the DB increases after darkness? Maybe it is important to know that the inverter is an SMA SB 3600SE (with battery).
Jan 27 at 11:34 AM
Edited Jan 27 at 11:34 AM
Where are you looking for EToday in database? SpotData/Inverters/DayData?
I need to see some logging. Can you post the -v5 output of a few runs (when dark) together with the EToday value you find in the db and on sunny portal?
I don't think the battery has something to do with this issue. There are other users with the same inverter.
You didn't make any changes to the code or database?
Jan 27 at 5:04 PM
How can I send you the requested stuff? Would send you some screenshots and textfiles. Too much for a post I guess...
Jan 27 at 10:48 PM
I installed now the official Sunny Explorer Software from SMA and exported all the data from the inverter with this software. The values are exactly the same as I see them in SBFspot, even the rising of EToday after dark. SO I think I have to get in touch with SMA to see why this happens. Funny enough the values in the exported files differ from the values in their portal. Strange ...
Jan 28 at 4:48 PM
I had a look at the log files you've send me... I'ts indeed strange: DC Power (panels) = 0 but gridrelay is closed, and AC Power > 0
I think it's a good idea to contact SMA, especially when Sunny Explorer shows the same values.
I have contacted the other user with the same inverter. Maybe he can help you out.
Feb 2 at 6:05 PM

I think it's just a interpretation Problem. The Etoday ist tha amount of AC Power. The Battery in the SB3600SE ist direct feeded from the Panel and not countet to EToday during charge. When the Panel is closed the AC Site is powerd by the Battery und then the Power is counter to EToday.... You should see incrising EToday only as long as the Battery is feeding power