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PVOutput for household energy used from SunnyIsland8.0?

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Aug 10 at 4:19 AM
Hi SBF community,

I have an off-grid setup with 2 x SB5000 and 1 x SunnyIsland8.0

I'd like to be able to report power/energy used by the household as recorded by the SI8.0 (which is responsible for charging the batteries, but also interfacing to the house).

I note that there is some spot data being collected for the SI8.0 using the standard config, but it never gets logged to the DB and therefore never gets up into PVOutput. The problem I have is that I have energy produced in PVOutput, but nothing relating to energy used.

Is it a simple switch to get this to be stored/sent to PVOutput, or do I need to extend the database and then modify the code to write those values?

Aug 10 at 9:34 PM
I admit, Sunny Islands aren't supported very well (I don't have one)
Yes, db needs to be extended, vwPVOdata needs to be modified and some code has to be added...
Good luck ;-)
Aug 13 at 1:08 AM
Thanks SBF.

I'll have a go and might have to send the result back to you to tidy up for sharing (I don't think we really want anyone to be exposed to my coding efforts!).

I also have an SMA Energy Meter, so am going to see if I can consolidate that into the feed into PVOutput in a meaningful way using the smaem code as a starting point.